Innovative technologies

To ensure high standard of work and long service lifetime of designed facilities and facilities under construction, Construction and Design Group Vozrozhdenie companies widely use the latest scientific achievements and inventions. In addition to in-house specialists, the company enlists the services of the leading design and construction organizations of Russia. Innovation goes along all stages of construction of engineering facilities: from zero cycle to the “turnkey” commissioning of any facilities by Construction and Design Group Vozrozhdenie.

In the foundations of engineering structures apart from traditional displacement piles and driven piles, professionals of Construction and Design Group Vozrozhdenie widely use the technology of foundation enforcement with jet grouting.

Construction and Design Group Vozrozhdenie was the first of the North-Western road-building companies who started using cold deep in-place recycling technology; monolithic prestressed concreting, reinforcing of concrete constructions with composite anchorage. Implemented engineering solutions take into consideration as much as possible existing climatic and seismic conditions of the regions of construction.

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Технология холодного ресайклинга