Road construction

Production Association Vozrozhdenie JSC stands for a quarter of a century of successful road construction business with highly qualified staff and its own mechanized yard that is well acclaimed for its superb track record of projects implemented in reconstruction and building on the territory of St. Petersburg, Moscow and other regions of Russia, countries of the near abroad. Experienced professionals of Production Association Vozrozhdenie are adept with state-of-the-art technologies of construction of motorways, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, embankments and other engineering facilities.

Over the years, large-scale transport infrastructure development projects have been implemented in three capitals: St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Ashkhabad. In their mother town, St. Petersburg, Production Association Vozrozhdenie JSC has implemented projects for development of major traffic arteries.

Besides Russia, Production Association Vozrozhdenie JSC implements projects in the countries of the near abroad. The outcome of work of PA Vozrozhdenie’s professionals in the friendly Republic of Turkmenistan was a large-scale road infrastructure development in the region. The professionals of PA Vozrozhdenie have implemented transport infrastructure development projects with due regard to climate and unstable seismic condition of the region using advanced road construction technologies.