Paving and landscape construction

Design and Construction Group Vozrozhdenie, which have pooled together design and architecture, mining, processing and construction companies, carries out its mission for reconstruction, landscaping and creation of comfortable living conditions in the urban areas.

Non-profit partnership is an association of enterprises offering a full range of works in refurbishment, reconstruction and creation of urban infrastructure elements: creation of pedestrian areas, pavement of squares, streets, pedestrian areas, landscaping of park areas and architectural groups.

PA Vozrozhdenie’s affiliate companies’ businesses in paving, gardening and park layout have come into other Russian cities, countries of the near-abroad. All sites done by the company are distinguished for their inimitable, memorable style and high-quality workmanship.

The Company’s professionals pay much attention to urban greening (creating new and restoring old gardens and parks), build fountain complexes and architectural ensembles in urban recreation areas. The Company’s professionals have done much for construction and restoration of embankments in St. Petersburg which are traditionally dressed in granite.

Having its own rock quarries and stone processing factories, the Company can implement large-scale projects applying a large assortment of colours and texture of faces in finishing and paving. Well-developed technology base, a high level of skill of every employee, custom-tailored solutions are a chief advantage of the company.

The professionals of PA Vozrozhdenie have many years of experience carrying out a complete range of urban area and park area landscaping works – from design and site planning to planting of vegetation, arrangement of lawns and flower beds, tiling and hardscaping. Vozrozhdenie Group’s professionals carry out a whole range of engineering works: construction of drainage systems, water conduits and power lines.

Unique experience of PA Vozrozhdenie’s professionals consists not only in the quality of work but also in careful attitude to architectural monuments.