Production and supply of inert materials

In construction, reconstruction, repair of roads, bridges and maintenance of buildings and viaducts, one of the main construction materials are crushed stone and sand. Qualitative characteristics of nonmetallic materials account for consumer properties of construction objects (adhesion coefficient, flatness, etc.). Crushed stone used in the top layer of pavement exposed to high mechanic loads and natural factors is the base of strength and durability.

Management Company Vozrozhdenie-Nerud Ltd. is the leading mining, processing, production, sales and delivery of nonmetallic construction materials, including transportation by proprietary railroad transport. The company owns 3 crushed granite plants and 3 crushed granite quarries. Crushed granite is produced at the following fields: Erkilya, Liaskelia, Krasnovskoie using drilling and blasting, and digging up rock mass. Modern mining equipment provides for production of over 2.5 million m3 of crushed granite of various grades per year. The company makes the top three on the nonmetallic construction materials market in the North-Western region of Russia. The produce is of high quality and perfect physical and mechanic properties. The enterprise regularly upgrades crushing and screening production equipment and vehicle fleet.

Over the last few years, limestone has been widely introduced into construction as a cost-effective, relatively durable, decorative, environmentally safe natural stone. Putilovsky limestone is widely used in exterior and interior facing of buildings, covering of floors and sidewalks, restoration of architectural monuments. 

Unique composition and physical properties of Putilovsky limestone have made it indispensible construction material. KAMPES JSC is the sole manufacture of products from Putilovsky stone.