Concrete and bitumen concrete plants

It will not be an exaggeration to say that various types of concrete lay at the basis of modern construction. This is why one of the strategic tasks during construction management is ensuring timely delivery of commercial concrete and bitumen concrete at the most favorable price.

With a background of over 10 years in concrete production, BETON Ltd. has large production and storage capacities and a modern vehicle fleet, which allows effective operation and maintenance of even the largest facilities, offering customers high-quality products at favorable prices.

BETON Ltd. owns two concrete plants and one bitumen concrete plant, situated in St. Petersburg. Apart from that, the management of the company has come to an agreement in 2009 with friendly republic of Turkmenistan, and afterwards a concrete and a bitumen concrete plants were built, providing supply of commercial concrete for the construction of the road infrastructure of the region.

With a clear understanding that the principal requirements for the produce were the price, quality and timely supply, BETON’s professionals keep careful quality control at every production and delivery stage, using the most advanced management, production and logistics technologies.

BETON Ltd. offers customers concrete mixtures, used in a wide variety of tasks, with compression strength class in the range B3,5-B80.

BETON production enterprise owns has its own accredited laboratory, where concrete recipes up to grade В80 and higher have been tried and tested.

Concrete mixtures are produced using the LIEBHERR equipment (Germany) with total production capacity of 200 m3/hour. Whereas KLEEMANN (Germany) crushing and screening plant, guarantees quality and homogeneity of used inert materials.

Experience of winter time operation allows production with the ambient air temperature of –20ºС. During the concrete production, materials are heated using POLARMATIC (Finland) equipment. Three 175 ton heated silos of bitumen concrete allows unloading up to three different bitumen concrete mixtures at the same time and store ready mixture up to 4 days.

A bitumen concrete M-Pack plant, produced by American manufacturers ASTEC, has a high production capacity of up to 400 t of finished product per hour, which allows minimizing idle time of automobile transport during loading. BETON Ltd. has its own fleet of concrete mixer lorries and mobile concrete pumps with boom length from 21 to 42 meters.

BETON Ltd. is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 standard, which guarantees high level of cohesiveness of technological and production processes.