Design institute

Street layout and road design is one of the chief components of the urban planning pattern. Besides high aesthetics and demanding design requirements, the project reflects the possibilities of potential operation of traffic flows and development of road network. Appropriate road and street construction project can ensure safe pedestrian and transport traffic. It is an important task which prioritizes not only saving resources, but also special ergonomics, taking into account particular qualities of the environment and minimizing harmful effects on it.

Quality project provides for the creation of the shortest passenger communications between the workplace, place of residence, city centre and remote districts. We are tackling the problems of security and convenience of pedestrian and transport traffic, convenient communications with airports, railroad stations, and external network of motor highways. The project must account for long-term development of transport network throughput, quick redistribution of traffic flows, creation of the best map for the distribution of engineering networks and communications.

Thirteen years of successful operation have earned Scientific Research and Design Institute Sevzapinzhtekhnologiya Ltd. the repute of a reliable partner. The institute offers its customers a complete spectrum of services for the design of transport infrastructure facilities, adaptation of foreign projects in accordance with the state standards of Russia, engineering and geodesic, engineering and geological exploration, investigation of the existing buildings and engineering structures, architectural supervision of the progress of construction and of the reconstruction site.

The main line of activity of the company is the design of motor highways and urban roads of all categories, bridges, traffic interchanges and viaducts, engineering networks, planning, landscaping and greenery planting designs.

Over 13 years of operation, employees of Scientific Research and Design Institute Sevzapinzhtekhnologiya have implemented more than 1000 transport infrastructure development projects and facilities complex design. 

During the project design process, technical means are used which passed specialized testing and have licensed software. Front-end engineering designs combine modern terrain data acquisition technologies: geophysical methods of engineering and geological research, ground and aerospace digital photo fixation, GIS technologies, satellite navigation systems, surface laser scanning. The institute has all necessary permissions and qualifications to develop a complete set of documentation at all stages of design and engineering process. 

At the current moment, the company’s staff consists of 120 skilled professionals. The institute is made up of the research and development, architectural, tender departments, expertise and technical service, power supply sector and design and estimate department. Professionals of Scientific Research and Design Institute Sevzapinzhtekhnologiya are willing to offer the customer services for surveys, design and construction of roads, bridges and city streets!